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A Story of Inconvenience

Last weekend some friends and I decided last minute to camp in Kenosha Pass. With Autumn's rapid approach we were greeted by rows of golden Aspens with burnt orange accents. The colors appeared to be straight out of a crayon box. The view was spectacular. We were surrounded by mother nature's beautiful artwork, and the sky at night was equally stunning. The next morning as we were getting ready to walk around I noticed my front tire was almost flat. Bummer. After a quick tire change, thanks to my friend Jake, we continued on our jaunt. Within minutes of our walk a bee flew into my hand, stung me, and in turn made me drop my phone. I picked it up to find my screen shattered. I almost cried. The sunny day was now overcast with a black cloud. A flat tire and now my phone. I sulked all the way back to the car, Charlie Brown style. On the drive home I couldn't shake my bad mood. This was NOT how I wanted to spend part of my weekend. Since it was Sunday I knew a lot of tire stores would be closed, but headed to the nearest Firestone. They were busy so I dropped off my tire to come back then headed to a cheap-ish shop to replace my iphone screen. Within a matter of a few hours all were fixed, as if it didn't happen. While frustrating, it was fixable, and in the scheme of things a mere inconvenience rather than a problem. I find most daily complaints are a slight bump not a wall. I try to remind myself of the bigger picture when I am frustrated over minor annoyances.

A couple of weeks ago while on a trip to England my mother learned my Uncle was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, the same disease my granddad suffered, and this was heartbreaking to hear. I'll never forget how difficult it was to see my granddad look at me as if I was a stranger. The memories of us were no longer recognized, and I felt erased. I saw my Uncle last June and my mother tells me it was for the best, as he's now showing signs of the disease. I'm choosing to keep our last visit, and happier times, at the forefront.  What he has cannot be mended in hours unlike my recent frustrations. I'll let this serve as a gentle reminder when I come across a minor roadblock. I don't want to waste time brooding over a situation I can change, though this undoubtedly takes practice. It's also made me look a little deeper into my hobbies, and cherish my photographs even more. Each one may be a pretty landscape, but also (hopefully) how I felt when I captured it. Hidden beneath the scenery is a memory, and even if it's one I cannot later recall, it's a visual which can still resonate. I'll keep pointing and clicking leaving pieces of myself in every frame.

A Thousand Words

I like words. Whether unscrambling, searching, or creating with them, they are fun to me. I also enjoy photographs and how they can read as well as anything I could write. The takeaway I want from everything I create is an emotion and in turn a connection which reaches up and grabs the observer. For me I've found this is easier using words, as I can articulate what I'm trying to convey. With photographs it's a bit challenging as the thousand words presented may not add up to my intended message. I only hope my eye is in line with the feelings I'm aiming to capture. Lately I've been playing with different tones on my photos (see below) and watching as it changes the story. From moody grays to soft browns I'm amused how a simple tweak can change the narrative and often tell it better. I have also been constantly inspired by photographry friends whose creativity fuels my own. There's been a heightened need to create lately, even in the simplest of forms. I love when this surge happens as I use it to propel and grow in the areas which excite me such as writing and photography. Looking forward to more.


Story Telling

When I was younger I would go through magazines and cut out advertisements I liked. It wasn't about the product they were selling, but the creativity used to make the ad. For a long time I wanted to work in advertising and was planning to pursue it until right before college. Being young my passions changed eventually drawing me elsewhere, and often in multiple directions. However, I'm still drawn to creative outlets hence my multiple blogs, and my recent dabble in photography. When it comes to the latter I'm continually trying to find my voice in the photographs I take. While most are of Colorado's scenic landscapes I occasionally do self portraits (like the picture below) or mini photo shoots with friends to explore the many facets of photography. This is how I learn, by examining all sides, no matter the medium. I enjoy trying to capture a vision, playing with light to create a specific mood, and the abundance of possibilities of saying a thousand words. It's another tool for self expression and I'm learning more about it, and myself, everyday. My only slight frustration is not having a specific direction with it. I look at photographers Instagram pages and notice most have their own theme, and wonder why I don't have one yet. I've had to ask myself some questions, such as what am I hoping to capture? What story do I want to tell? I'm trying to find a common thread when I'm weaved with vast interests. I may not have the answers quit yet, but I'm working on it.

Lady in Lace

Lady in Lace