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Denver Film Festival Red Carpet Event: La La Land

This year I got the chance to check out the red carpet event and screening of "La La Land" at the Denver Film Festival. My older brother was covering it for The Colorado Springs Gazette and invited me to join him. The movie stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, she's plays an aspiring actress, and he's a struggling jazz musician, both trying to fulfill their dreams. Weave in dance numbers and songs and you got yourself a musical. However, this movie is less about the songs and more about the drama, which makes it more of a homage to classic musicals than it does in recreating them. It's written and directed by Damien Chazelle, who also did "Whiplash", and he brings the viewers on a whimsical journey you don't want to end. Without giving anything away the ending hits you, and you realize you've become attached to the characters and the outcomes. It's like watching a day dream and I guarantee you'll come out of the theater with a whistle and a need to tap your shoes. Before the movie we got to watch Emma Stone walk the red carpet with Damien Chazelle, and after the screening they did a Q&A about the film. If only I could see all movies this way. She looked amazing and was very sweet, below are some of the pictures I was able to take. The move hits theaters Dec 9th.