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Self Portrait, An Attempt

If you know me well you'd be the first to say I'm not one to shy away from a camera. I don't necessarily enjoy being in front of it, it's simply because I have no shame. I blame this on my dad who filmed us as kids doing the most mundane things, such as eating breakfast at Denny's on a Sunday. One becomes used to a camera in their face after years of someone saying 'Andrea, smile!'. I also inherited his silly and outgoing personality, which means you're more than likely to get a funny face and a pose. So when a friend suggested a self portrait as a photography project I thought I had it in the bag. I mean, especially if selfies count. But they don't. It's difficult to capture yourself looking natural while in good lighting and not to mention NO filters. GASP! I'm sure kids these days would pass out in the horror. What no dog or cat ears?! You also don't have a lot of time for errors. I had ten seconds, only ten, to get everything right. Guys might tell you that's longer than you think, but it's not.  I don't know how many pictures I took, but I felt like a Kardashian, as I imagine they take as many.  

Photography has taught me a lot already, and patience is becoming one of them. I'm still not the master of the manual settings, though I'm getting faster, and I'm limited with my lenses, which is frustrating. This project pressed all my buttons, as it was hard to get the picture as I envisioned. However, it was great practice and helped me learn despite my annyoances. Did I get the perfect picture? Nah, but that wasn't the point. What I did get was a photo to help me improve on in the future. I consider the effort a solid 'A'.