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A Thousand Words

I like words. Whether unscrambling, searching, or creating with them, they are fun to me. I also enjoy photographs and how they can read as well as anything I could write. The takeaway I want from everything I create is an emotion and in turn a connection which reaches up and grabs the observer. For me I've found this is easier using words, as I can articulate what I'm trying to convey. With photographs it's a bit challenging as the thousand words presented may not add up to my intended message. I only hope my eye is in line with the feelings I'm aiming to capture. Lately I've been playing with different tones on my photos (see below) and watching as it changes the story. From moody grays to soft browns I'm amused how a simple tweak can change the narrative and often tell it better. I have also been constantly inspired by photographry friends whose creativity fuels my own. There's been a heightened need to create lately, even in the simplest of forms. I love when this surge happens as I use it to propel and grow in the areas which excite me such as writing and photography. Looking forward to more.