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When in Doubt

I'm not a fully confident photographer. I question my skills, albeit they are still developing (pun intended). Family and friends offer praise, but I take their kindness as an arm of support rather than a testament to my competence.  No matter your passion you can probably relate to this state of uncertainty. We all want to excel at our craft, but it doesn't mean we are constantly secure in our path or talent. What drives me forward isn't the need to be perfect, but my fondness for creating. I started blogging, rather selfishly, for the benefit of releasing meandering thoughts. Then came my fitness blog, where I changed my reach and extended it to those seeking encouragement. The feedback from it was positive, and I enjoyed making a difference, no matter how small. I am hopeful my latest blog will follow suit, perhaps in a different way. 

Drinking water or taking a photo?

Drinking water or taking a photo?

On a recent photo post I received a lovely comment stating my pictures of Colorado make them feel like they can always see a piece of home. This made me a smile. Under a spring snow scene another wrote how it made them "feel all the feels". I was elated I passed on the emotion. In times of doubt these sentiments are a soft push to keep going. I may never make a living as a blogger/photographer, or win any awards, but if I did the sum wouldn't be greater than the impact. If I can touch someone even in the tiniest way, it's worth continuing doing what I love. Will all my work be well received? No, but it's not a requirement. Therefore, wherever you find yourself on your journey, keep creating. Pursue your art, as it's worth the gift you may not even know you are giving.