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Madame Butterfly

Last weekend I found out from a coworker the Butterfly Pavilion opens an hour early for photographers the first Sat of every month. Having never been I thought it would be a great experience to take some photos. They suggest you bring a tripod, which I did, but actually ended up not using it. It was an early start to a Saturday (7:45 a.m.), but once I was there was happy I made the effort to go. It was the most serene and lovely morning hanging out in the humid, misty room among all these beautiful creatures. At first my lens fogged having yet to get acclimated to the humidity, but once it was ready I had no trouble finding them wings open and ready to be photographed. The hour went by quickly and before I knew it my memory card was full. I highly recommend checking it out, truly a great experience. Below are all of my fave photos from the day, enjoy!