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Camping: Buena Vista Edition.

Memorial Day weekend was spent camping at the Collegiate Overlook in Buena Vista, Colorado. A small, quiet, and beautiful mountain town. I hadn't been to the city and was looking forward to a long weekend filled with good friends, cozy fires, and limited phone service. The weather forecast was bleak but we somehow managed to avoid rain, the wind, however, wasn't our friend. The nights were pretty crisp, but if you drank enough you hardly noticed. Kidding. Kind of. We also whitewater rafted at Browns Canyon Rafting a great company with friendly, and knowledgeable, staff. The water was frigid, but the day was clear and sunny making it a rather lovely ride down the river. After we headed to Mt. Princeton Hot Springs to relax and warm up.  The last of the weekend was spent exploring the town then enjoying the scenic right home.