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Costa Rica

When my friend Rob asked me to take photos for a Precision Fit'cation in Costa Rica I responded with an enthusiastic YES. I've never been to Central America, and I'd be stupid not to jump at the opportunity. I also never say no to new adventures. My friend was the only person I knew going, and, being of a friendly nature, I figured I'd make some new friends. We all arrived in San Jose before driving to the Domincal, a beautiful city about three hours away which sits along the southwest coast of Costa Rica. Immediately upon meeting each other we bonded over shared humor and our love for the country we were about to explore. The ride down set the tone for the rest of the trip, laughs, laughs, beer, and more laughs.  When we arrived at the Mareas villas we couldn't believe our eyes, the open entry way and views were breathtaking. l felt almost undeserving to be there. 


After we settled in we talked about the outline for the week, which would include an excursion and of course, the beach. However, our villa had plenty to offer. There were three different waterfall trails on the property, and we made sure to visit all of them during our stay. This was my first fit'cation so I knew working out was part of the plan, and with already being active I was happy about it. We had a personal chef who cooked our three meals a day. They were delicious, fresh, healthy and he never cooked the same meal twice. Is this Oprah's life? Because it doesn't feel like mine. Each day was scheduled the day before, you could choose which fitness class you wanted to attend, or not, as it's optional. The morning usually consisted of yoga or a boot camp, followed by afternoon hikes or another class. Did I mention you could also get a massage? A massage therapist was available the whole week. Since there's a lot to say about the ten days I was there, I'll give you the highlights. 


First, the waterfalls. These jungle trails were unlike anything I've done. Mountain hikes are usually quiet while the rain forest pulses and almost breathes with you. My favorite trail was to a waterfall deep enough to cliff dive into, the crisp water was soothing, and I must've jumped a thousand times. Another highlight was when we spent a moment and did mediation on top of another waterfall, it was incredibly peaceful. 


I'll forever be a mountain girl, but there are two sides to every coin and on the flip is the beach. I enjoy its laid back vibe. The whole tens days I didn't blow dry my hair or wear makeup, and lived in a swimsuit. I was carefree. We enjoyed sunsets on the sand, and swimming in the warm ocean water. Salt is the cure for everything. 


Our excursion was zip-lining, something I've been wanting to do. Not going to lie, I was slightly terrified. The heights scare me, but I was all in. The best part about it was watching Sigi, a 75-year-old badass, Tarzan jump at the end of the tour. We all jumped and I couldn't have been more happy to be surround by these awesome people.

IMG_2420 (1).jpg

Last, but certainly not least, was the company.  We all needed this journey for one reason or another and were happy to share it with each other. Smiles never left our faces, and we teared up when our time had come to leave. I'm not sure I can clearly explain the effect this trip has had on me. On the first night I cried, overwhelmed by my surroundings and the opportunity. It made me realize how truly fortunate I am, and have always been. I didn't think it was possible, but I felt even more connected to my environment, and myself. I've gone beyond gratitude to a place which leaves me speechless, and if you know me that's a big deal. I hope everyone has a journey like this, a reminder the world is big and we should take time to discover as much as we can. Pura Vida!


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